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'Emergence' refers to the idea that macro patterns can be generated from the interactions of simple or smaller elements within a system. We often evoke the idea of emergence to explain psychological phenomena - most notably to explain the emergence of mind from brain, or behaviour from activities of brain cells. There are good examples of emergence in physical systems, but I've been thinking about what good examples there are that are directly relevant to psychology: examples of phenomenon which also have a neat model.

Here's an attempt at a list. Add to it if you can

Schelling's segregation model - Ethnically divided neighbourhoods via homophily

Interactive Activation and Competition Models of Perception and Memory (Rumelhart & McClelland) - top down influences on perception, graceful degredation, content addressable memory, generalisation, etc

Ecological models: ant foraging (see Resnick's "Turtles Termites and Traffic Jams"), flocking (boids), predator-prey dynamics (Lotka-Volterra equations)

Attitude polarisation

The Hipster Effect: When Anticonformists All Look The Same

Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities Edit

J. Xie, S. Sreenivasan, G. Korniss, W. Zhang, C. Lim, and B. K. Szymanski Edit
Phys. Rev. E 84, 011130 – Published 22 July 2011 Edit

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